Maaike Schuurmans


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Hi I'm Maaike

I'm a singer, actor, performer, teacher, and coach.

I moved to Amsterdam in 1985 to study musical theatre. From there my mentor Rients Gratama guided me in my first years as a performer teaching me song and text interpretation and the tricks of the trade.

It was an honor to perform in shows like Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Tanz der Vampire, and West Side Story. Throughout my career on stage I learned that telling a story to the audience is the most important thing. 


Things I love: 

- the smell of dry pinewood

- a good chianti classico

- Ella Fitzgerald playing in the background

When I have some down time you can find me in the mountains with the fresh fallen snow under my boots, searching for the ultimate silence at the top, right before the adventurous rush of skiing back down the mountain.

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Show Gallery


I love listening to voices.


When I'm not performing, I'm teaching my voice students the Complete Vocal Technique (CVT). After taking a CVT introductory course I realised how great it is at bringing physiology, anatomy, and pedagogy together for the voice. I immediately signed up for the full course and received my authorised degree in June 2016.   

Thanks to this education I have a toolbox that enriches my life as a singer making my vocal performances easier, clearer, and healthier.

And I use the exact same tools to teach my students. 



Maaike is a wonderful teacher, very competent in passing on her knowledge. Under her guidance I was able to make big steps forward without worrying about my voice. She can answer technical and medical questions right away about the voice. In her work Maaike is very insightful. She senses the individual needs and the learning types of her students very well.
Through of her teaching I have learned to love CVT and am looking forward to get even deeper into the technique.”
— Ingalisa, Student Musical
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A safe and positive environment is vital.


When working together it's important you feel comfortable in your surroundings, confident in your performance, and aware of the multitude of sounds you can produce. I work individually with each student on their specific vocal needs so they can let go of their frustrations and take their voice to new heights. The best moment in a coaching session is when a student opens up on an exercise and then says: "I never knew I had so much power." 


In CVT one of the philosophies is: "leave out taste" (or in other words I don't put my taste upon your voice). Therefore, I give you permission to develop your own personal sound. At the end of the day, my job is to help you produce sounds you love in a healthy way. 


“I always thought I couldn’t sing, but after a few singing lessons with Maaike I was very surprised that you can get so much out of the voice with a special technique. On top of that, it’s great fun! Maaike taught me how to raise my voice.”
— Fanny, Fashion Designer
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Let's work together.

I believe in passing my knowledge and experience on to the next generation of musical theatre performers. My teaching style is energetic, positive, and borders on joyful - helping students open up and trust themselves entirely so they gain more control over their voice, expand their range, and discover new sounds.



Upcoming dates:

 26.06.19     11.00-17.00 
16.07.19     16.00-22.00


Hamburg, Theater An der Elbe

“If you want to be able to improve yourself further, you need individual support. Exactly this is something Maaike is very good at. She has a great sense for recognizing when which exercise is the right one for you and at the same time knows how to challenge your personal strengths .”
— Tobi, Musical Performer